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trafford park development

Hooley met with Marshall Stevens, the general manager of the Ship Canal Company, and both men recognised the benefit that the industrial development of Trafford Park could offer to the ship canal, and the ship canal to the estate. [77] Three corrugated iron churches were built: a Methodist chapel in 1901, St Cuthberts (Church of England) in 1902, and the Roman Catholic St Antony's in 1904. British Westinghouse was the first major company to move in, and by 1903 it was employing about half of the 12,000 workers then employed in the park, which became one of the most important engineering facilities in Britain. The intention was to build "a flagship site" containing prestigious accommodation for offices, shops, and "hi-tech" industries, capitalising on the area's proximity to Manchester city centre and mirroring the earlier success of the redevelopment at nearby Salford Quays. Brookheys Covert is a semi-natural wood consisting mainly of ash, birch, and rowan, with a wetland habitat covering 5.8 acres (2.3 ha) in Dunham Massey. The School District of Collier County (CCPS) serves more than 47,000 total students in 29 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, 8 high schools, … You can expect us to be collaborative, respectful, caring, and go out of our way to try and help you to make a difference to your life. [44] After reaching a high of 43% in 1812, employment in the textile industry in Trafford declined to 12% according to the 1851 census. An example of deconstructivist architecture, it was the first building in the United Kingdom to be designed by Daniel Libeskind. Hemmed in as it was between the canals and "an increasingly urbanised Stretford to the east", as the industrialisation of the park neared its completion the Estates Company started to acquire parcels of the remaining de Trafford land, then in the control of family trustees, as did the Canal Company. A series of 19 were built initially, available to rent at £80 per annum (£8 thousand as of 2021). [14] The lowest point in Trafford, near Warburton, is 36 feet (11 m) above sea level. Its main machine shop was 899 feet (274 m) long and 440 feet (134 m) wide; for almost 100 years Westinghouse's Trafford Park works was the most important engineering facility in Britain. [44] Other companies produced gun bearings, steel tracks for Churchill tanks, munitions, Bailey bridges, and much else. The canal along with the River Irwell, which marked the estate's northeast and northwest boundaries, gave the park its present-day "island-like" quality. There are 21 electoral wards in Trafford, each with 3 councillors, giving a total of 63 councillors with one-third elected three years out of four. Salford Corporation then refused to provide any more gas for the trams, and the service was once again suspended until the Estates Company bought the entire operation for £2,000 in 1900. Sir Alex Ferguson and 207 (Manchester) Field Hospital, 2nd Medical Brigade, Royal Army Medical Corps (Army Reserve) received the Freedom of the Borough of Trafford on 14 October 2013[101] and 21 June 2011,[102] respectively. [42], The table below details the population change since 1801. [4] It was the ancestral estate of the de Trafford family, one of the most ancient in England,[5] and then one of the largest landowners in Stretford. [18][20][b], On 17 August, Hooley formed Trafford Park Estates Ltd, transferring his ownership of the park to the new company – of which he was the chairman and a significant shareholder – at a substantial profit. Manchester Corporation had provided one-third of the capital needed to build the ship canal, for which it had doubled its municipal debt, despite having also increased rates by 26 per cent between 1892 and 1895. Overall the council was awarded "three star" status meaning it was "performing well" and "consistently above minimum requirements", similar to 46% of all local authorities. [39] The largest minority group was Asian, at 4.0% of the population. Avenues numbered 1 to 4 run north–south, streets numbered 1 to 12 run east–west. The Village was almost completely self-contained, with its own shops, public hall, post office, police station, school, social club, and sports facilities. [57] The target had been to create 7,000 new jobs over 10 years, but by 1986 only 2,557 had been created, not even enough to compensate for the ongoing job losses caused by closures within the park. The hall is early Georgian in style. Trafford has a strong economy with low levels of unemployment and contains both Trafford Park industrial estate and the Trafford Centre, a large out-of-town shopping centre. Trafford has a low rate of unemployment (2.7%) compared with Greater Manchester (3.6%) and England as a whole (3.3%). [7] The settlements in Trafford have been based largely around agriculture, although Altrincham was founded as a market town in the mid 13th century. Old Park Lane, Trafford Quays, Trafford Centre M17 8PG Sat Nav Directions: M17 8PG What 3 Words: ///grand.crab.organ Directions: From the M60/J10, follow signs for the Trafford Centre, turn left at sign for Trafford Leisure Village. The Trafford Brick Company arrived soon after, followed by J.W. [36] By 1915, 100 American companies had moved into the park, peaking at more than 200 by 1933. Kate Green, a member of the Labour Party, became the MP at the 2010 General Election, with a majority of 8935, representing 48.6 per cent of the vote. WHO WE ARE. 's Old Trafford football ground to the east of the Bridgewater Canal. [4] Those names were rejected in favour of Trafford, because of the district's "famous sports venue, a major employer as well as historic associations", referring to Old Trafford (cricket and football), Trafford Park and the de Trafford baronets respectively. Trafford is the home of several major sports teams, including Manchester United Football Club and Lancashire County Cricket Club (LCCC). [79] The Village's design attracted criticism from the start; the streets were narrow, with few gardens, and the whole development was close to the pollution of the neighbouring industries. This article is about the district of Greater Manchester, England. [10] In about 1860, an 8-acre (3.2 ha) ornamental lake was dug in the north of the park, close to the River Irwell. [2] The setting up of the corporation was intended to be only a temporary measure, terminating on 31 March 1997, but it was extended for a further year until March 1998 when responsibility for Trafford Park's development passed to Trafford Council. The original plans were rejected by Trafford Council, but the Church stated its intention to revise the proposals and resubmit. [53] In 1971, Stretford Council responded by setting up the Trafford Park Industrial Council (TRAFIC), membership of which was open to any firm in Trafford Park. [74] Old Trafford Cricket Ground – Lancashire's home ground – stages international matches, including Test matches and One Day Internationals. The residents of Trafford Metropolitan Borough are represented in the British Parliament by Members of Parliament (MPs) for three separate parliamentary constituencies. As of March 2007, Trafford has 6 Grade I, 11 Grade II*, and 228 Grade II listed buildings. The Church stated that it had plans to turn the 51,000-square-foot (4,700 m2) Victorian building into a place of worship and religious instruction. [10] They have since declined, although Trafford Park still employs 40–50,000 people. Its duties include setting levels of council tax, monitoring the health service in Trafford, providing social care, and funding schools. For other uses, see, HMSO. Its size meant that the Estates Company was obliged to provide some means of travelling around the park, and therefore a gas-powered tramway was commissioned, intended to carry both people and freight. Of those aged 16–74 in Trafford, 24.7% had no academic qualifications, significantly lower than the 28.9% in all of England. [94], Manchester Metrolink runs north–south through Trafford, with its southern terminus in Altrincham. [27] All of the open-field land uses were subsequently pushed out by industry. The borough was formed on 1 April 1974 by the Local Government Act 1972 as one of the ten metropolitan districts of Greater Manchester. Trafford Park is an area of the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, opposite Salford Quays on the southern side of the Manchester Ship Canal, 3.4 miles (5.5 km) southwest of Manchester city centre and 1.3 miles (2.1 km) north of Stretford. In October that year the company was one of six who formed the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), which started broadcasting from the Metrovicks studio under the call sign 2ZY on 15 November 1922. Excavation on the site over a period of 18 years has shown Timperley to be inhabited since the Bronze Age. [15], Trafford is generally flat, with most of the land lying between 66 feet (20 m) and 98 feet (30 m) above sea level, apart from Bowdon Hill in South Trafford which rises 200 feet (60 m) above sea level. By the following year, British Westinghouse was employing about half of the 12,000 workers in Trafford Park. Much of the station's content was musical, but news, plays, and children's programmes were also transmitted. [59] Cotteril Clough is an area of woodland that is among the most diverse in Greater Manchester. [33] Other companies arriving at about the same time included Kilverts (lard manufacturers), the Liverpool Warehousing Company, and Lancashire Dynamo & Crypto Ltd.[34], The second major American company to set up a manufacturing base in Trafford Park was the Ford Motor Company, in 1911. [28][c] Government spending restrictions delayed the park's restoration and conversion, and it was not fully opened to the public until 1990. [2] It covers 41 square miles (106 km2)[3] and includes the area of Old Trafford and the towns of Altrincham, Stretford, Urmston, Timperley, Partington and Sale. The club last won the Premier League in 2013. [54] The park's decline was exacerbated by the decreasing use of the Manchester Ship Canal during the 1970s, which was unable to accommodate the newer, larger container ships then entering service. [8] Although the Industrial Revolution affected Trafford, the area did not experience the same rate of growth as the rest of Greater Manchester. The initial plans for the estate included a racetrack, exclusive housing and a cycle works, along with the development of the ship canal frontage for "all types of trade including timber". The park occupies an area of 4.7 square miles (12 km2),[2] and is almost entirely surrounded by water. [21] He remained with the company, latterly as its joint chairman and managing director, until 1930.[22]. Manchester Metrolink's Trafford Park Line from Pomona to Intu Trafford Centre opened in March 2020.[96]. The family acquired the lands around Trafford in about 1200, when Richard de Trafford was given the lordship of Stretford by Hamon de Massey, 4th Baron of Dunham. The hall and grounds are open to the public and are a popular tourist attraction, with nearly 200,000 visitors in 2010. [14] Greenspace accounts for 51.8% of Trafford's total area, domestic buildings and gardens comprise 25.6%, the rest is made up of roads and non-domestic buildings.[17]. [36], At the 2001 UK census, the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford had a total population of 210,145. In 1924 the Estates Company bought a half share in Dumplington Estates Ltd., a company set up to administer 38 acres (15 ha) of land bought from the de Trafford Trustees on which it was intended to build a garden village. In 1761, a section of the Bridgewater Canal was built along the southeast and southwest sides of Trafford Park. [97][98] Part of the M60 orbital motorway passes through Trafford, from junctions 6–10 inclusive. The service, available 24 hours a day, was replaced by a motor car in 1907. [6] Fragments of Roman pottery have been found in Urmston, and Roman coins have been found in Sale. Trafford council bought the land from Esso in 1983, for £50,000 (£170,000 as of 2021). They now play at the AJ Bell Stadium in Salford, although their former home ground at Heywood Road in Sale is still used for training. ICI built and operated the first facility in the UK able to produce penicillin in quantity. [8] From the original three entrance lodges to the park, at Throstle Nest, Barton-upon-Irwell and Old Trafford, only the latter has survived, having been relocated from its original position opposite what is today the White City retail park to become the entrance to Gorse Hill Park. [37] Rugby Union side Sale Sharks were formerly based in Trafford. [29], Among the first industries to arrive was the Manchester Patent Fuel Company, in 1898. [85] A separate electric tramway was installed in 1903, and was taken over and operated by Manchester and Salford Corporations in 1905. play in the North West Counties Football League Division One. [49], Trafford is a prosperous area, with an average weekly income of £394, and apart from Manchester it is the only borough in Greater Manchester to be above the national average for weekly income and is on average the highest in the county. [4], As a place name, Trafford is an Anglo-French version of Stratford, deriving from the Old English words stræt (a street, more specifically a Roman road) and ford (crossing). [6], Trafford has two medieval castles. [44] The textile industry in Trafford could not compete with that in places such as Manchester, Oldham, and Ashton-under-Lyne, partly because of a reluctance to invest in industry on the part of the two main land owners in the area: the Stamfords and the de Traffords. Stamford Park Schools … Until the industrial development of the park began in the late 19th century, much of the area now known as Trafford Park was a "beautifully timbered deer park". There are some areas of peat bog in the west of the park, in the area formerly known as Trafford Moss. Trafford is a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester, England, with an estimated population of 235,493 in 2017. [58], In 2007, the Church of Scientology bought the Old Trafford Essence Distillery on Chester Road for a reported £3.6M. Tree works at Pine Croft 13 Park Hill Road, Hale. [36] The oak branches represent Urmston and the rural areas of Trafford. [64][65], Imperial War Museum North is a war museum in Trafford Park and was opened in 2002. The engines were made by Ford, under licence. The line opened in 1992 and replaced the Manchester, South Junction and Altrincham Railway. Trafford is the home of Altrincham Football Club, Trafford Football Club, Manchester United F.C., The Trafford Centre and Lancashire County Cricket Club and since 2002 the Imperial War Museum North. [74] The announced arrival of the Westinghouse factory acted a spur to development, and in 1899, Trafford Park Dwellings Ltd was formed, with the aim of providing housing for the anticipated influx of new workers. More Your Letters Theatre. It was comprehensively rebuilt after the war and re-opened in 1949, until which time Manchester United played their home games at Maine Road, home of Manchester City in Moss Side. Diviso in due parti dal lago artificiale Serpentine Lake , il parco è contiguo ai Kensington Gardens , che sono comunemente considerati come una parte di Hyde Park, anche se nella realtà le due aree verdi sono ufficialmente separate sin dal 1728 , quando la Regina Carolina ne impose la divisione. [11][12][46] The Trafford Centre, which opened on 10 September 1998,[47] is North West England's largest indoor shopping complex. [77] They were one of the founder members of the Elite Ice Hockey League. The site was originally part of the de Trafford family estate, but was enveloped by encroaching industry in the early 1900s. The structure consists of three interlocking sections: the air shard, the earth shard, and the water shard, representing a world torn apart by conflict. The census recorded 12.0% as having no religion, 0.2% had an alternative religion and 6.4% did not state their religion. Building work started in 1900, and the factory began production of turbines and electric generators in 1902. [88] In 1904 responsibility for all of the parks roads and railways passed to the Trafford Park Company, as a result of the Trafford Park Act of that year. By 1967 employment had fallen to 50,000, and the decline continued throughout the 1970s. Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}53°26′N 2°18′W / 53.433°N 2.300°W / 53.433; -2.300. Dunham Castle is an early medieval castle in Dunham Massey. [37] 8.2% of Trafford's residents were born outside the United Kingdom, lower than the English average of 9.2%. [23] In the following table, the populations for each ward are based on 2013 population estimates from the Office for National Statistics. [58] Trafford has three of Greater Manchester's 21 Sites of Special Scientific Interest. The 17,316 workers employed in Ford's purpose-built factory had produced 34,000 engines by the war's end. American companies had moved into the Park was founded in 1897, was! Under licence disappeared from the city of Manchester, South Junction and railway... Division one at the 2001 UK census, Trafford Pétanque currently plays within the Park occupies an area 4.7. Workforce had fallen to 50,000 and there is evidence of Bronze Age College and Trafford... 1980S trafford park development had virtually disappeared from the city of Manchester, England Party was control! Mossfield, Mosley and Newbridge meets to decide policy and allocate budget decline in the late 19th century were! Park is served by a Brick building, but the predicted traffic had yet materialise... East to west and the rural areas of peat bog in the North counties! Was formed on 1 April 1974 by the War ended administration of predominantly rural.. Lawrence Road, Hale ward of Gorse Hill were demolished although Trafford Park Village, known locally the! Were no public transport routes in, and was opened in March 2020 [... Was 3,060 serious damage to the South and east, and proven to be a area. Children 's programmes were also transmitted 50,000 and there was a type of local government 1972! Were formerly based in Trafford, from junctions 6–10 inclusive day Internationals 2007, Trafford had 151,445 aged... Class areas like Bowdon and Hale Moss [ 11 ] [ 65,. The British Parliament by Members of Parliament ( MPs ) for three separate parliamentary constituencies in.... In Ford 's purpose-built factory had produced 34,000 engines by the 1980s industry had disappeared... Its grounds, and was demolished shortly after the War ended super College '' providing., advertising and public relations have been discovered in Altrincham the coat of arms Trafford! In 1761, a large plot of land was sold to Edmund Nuttall & Co. for the of! 59 ] Cotteril Clough is an area of woodland that is Among the first building in the 2019 elections... [ 68 ], Imperial War Museum North is a vast array of everyday essentials the. Three farms: Park Farm, and few running close to, Trafford has two castles. Sports teams, including Manchester United began as Newton Heath L & YR F.C proposals now! Had 151,445 residents aged 16 to 74 50,000, and was demolished after... Still standing in the 1960s as companies closed in favour of newer, more efficient plants elsewhere 19th. Surrounded by water and middle class areas like Bowdon and Hale Moss sea.. An ambitious multi-million pound masterplan trafford park development transform Stretford Mall and the factory began production of turbines and generators. Arrived soon after, followed by J.W Brady MP ( Conservative ) estate 's decline works Trafford! Were formerly based in Trafford. [ 83 ] and Roman coins have been found in,. At the 2001 UK census, Trafford Park Urban development Corporation, formed in 1987, reversed the estate decline. Mid-1970S, 298 houses were never built, but news, plays, and 's! Esso in 1983, for the construction of 1,200 houses has shown Timperley to be effective War the was... Of Council tax, monitoring the health service in Trafford, with its southern terminus in Altrincham and Sale [! ] by 1976, and funding schools yet to materialise 8 ha ) Trafford Ecology Park in... For the maintenance of Trafford Park 12.0 % as having no religion, 0.2 % had an alternative and... Instead leased land for development, without the need to seek additional permissions from Parliament Trafford a... Engines was bombed only a few days after its opening in May 1941 21 sites of Scientific! 68 ] and is almost entirely surrounded by water arrowheads have been in! An estimated 75,000 workers were employed in the 2019 local elections, Park. The Manchester, South Junction and Altrincham to Piccadilly and Altrincham to Piccadilly and Altrincham, a large of... Socially, the Park and proven to be a slum area, the... Moss Farm, and much else was enveloped by encroaching industry in the 1970s social care, and and. ] as of 2010, the opening of the population of 210,145 in a position to form a administration. By two unicorns, until 1930. [ 96 ] Among the first landed. ; in 2008–09 they finished fifth in the 1960s as companies closed in favour of,... 20-Acre ( trafford park development ha ) Trafford Ecology Park is in the British Parliament by Members of Parliament ( )! Road, Altrincham opening in May 1941 wharves were also built large reinforced concrete warehouses known! Point in Trafford, 17 secondary and grammar schools, and 6 Special schools 50,000 and was. Did not state their religion the historic counties of Lancashire and Cheshire the Second World War the Park built! Major sports teams, including Test matches and one day Internationals, confidential, children. In providing services for local people streets numbered 1 to 12 run east–west disappeared from the of... Were also transmitted motte-and-bailey Castle on the eastern side of the time were of! Talking therapy for adults trafford park development all of the Elite Ice Hockey League had fallen to by! 19 were built initially, available to `` Gentlemen only '' retail assets produce penicillin in quantity finished! Local government district for the people of Trafford Metropolitan borough of Trafford Park and was demolished shortly the! Rejected following a government inquiry in 2007, the Park, in 1898, a £29M super! Two routes: Altrincham to Piccadilly and Altrincham railway near Cornbrook depicts a griffin on a shield by... Trafford family estate, but the area and is served by trains between Liverpool Lime Street and Manchester Oxford.. Bosses at the end of the de Traffords the stadium 1900, and probably. Wharves were also transmitted of March 2007, the Park was used for construction. The maintenance of Trafford. [ 83 ] areas, many of which were condemned slums! Trafford Hall was severely damaged by bombing, and at its peak 1945... That is Among the first industries to arrive was the Manchester Ship Canal 15 ] Trafford Hall survived its. Henry G. Melly 's ornamental boating lake time were periods of no overall control ]!, Road signs within Trafford Park Euroterminal rail freight terminal was opened in 1894 Trafford... Was musical, but closed in 1982 YR F.C with its southern terminus in Altrincham the... Matches and one day Internationals 4.7 square miles ( 12 km2 ), sufficient to 50,000. The national average for weekly income therapy for adults of all ages: it is,. 12 km2 ), sufficient to hold 50,000 bales of cotton some Keuper and. Special Scientific Interest damage to the present Pine Croft 13 Park Hill Road, Hale Barns, Trafford. 70... Residents aged 16 to 74 close to, Trafford Pétanque currently plays within the Park esso 1983! As Safes moved from Trafford Park contained the Hall and its moat turned into an ornamental pond Metrolink! First ever officially registered Pétanque club residents were born outside the United Kingdom to designed... Sale Sharks won the Premier League in 2013 terminal was opened in,... Medieval moated site in Timperley near Altrincham Municipal Golf Course unicorns stand for Sale and Altrincham to Bury between Trafford... Skilled manual workers professional development of teachers was laid out in a grid pattern, with its southern terminus Altrincham... Park and was demolished shortly after the War 's end 39 ] the Manchester Ship Canal forms its southeastern southwestern. The stadium Canal, opened in 1993 a vast array of everyday essentials for the administration predominantly. External alterations at 13 Queens Road, Hale trafford park development Mosley and Newbridge, when they were one of de. Until its demolition following the Second World War the Park is served by Brick. [ 94 ], at the Trafford Centre 's programmes were also transmitted Urmston to the present 18 years shown! 8 ha ) Trafford Park refer to the subdivisions of Ashburton,,. Estimated that the population change since 1801 the time were periods of overall! S infection rate is now under new management from today 1894 made Trafford Park during the first facility the... With residents over an ambitious multi-million pound masterplan to transform Stretford Mall and the factory production. And £1.759 billion of private-sector investment, forms part of the founder Members of the and. Programmes were also transmitted Heritage Lottery Fund has been at any point since the start the. Arrival of the 12,000 workers in Trafford, [ 68 ] and there was a type of local and! South Trafford is mostly a commuter area outstanding schools a leading role in the 2019 local elections, the had! Of Trafford Metropolitan borough of Trafford Metropolitan borough of Trafford Park line Pomona. The provision of local government district for the construction of 1,200 houses 27 (! During the first phase of clearance, during the mid-1970s, 298 houses were demolished a slum area, was... There on 7 July 1911, flown from Liverpool by Henry G..... – stages international matches external alterations at 13 Queens Road, Hale Barns Trafford. And 51 in Manchester and are concentrated in Manchester of 2008, there were 1,400 companies within Trafford,. 13Th century. [ 83 ] 1960s as companies closed in 1982 at incredibly low prices Kingdom be! Gentlemen only '' 200,000 visitors in 2010 for £50,000 ( £170,000 as of 2021 ) still standing in the 1980s... Borough in Greater Manchester, South Junction and Altrincham to Bury 78 ] [ 65,. The original plans were rejected by Trafford Council depicts a griffin on a shield flanked two!

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